9 Tricks to Make Your Worthy Bed Like a Luxury Hotel

Worthy Bed

Anyone who has slept in a hotel bed once can never forget how utterly comfortable yet luxurious they are. The good thing is you can make your own bed just as good with a few simple tricks. Here are a few ways to turn your own bed into a luxury hotel worthy bed.

  1. Make it white

The color of your bed is very important. White is not only a very elegant color it also creates a halo effect. It makes the bed look clean and comfortable. Having an all white theme will make your bed look like it came straight out of a hotel room. The simple yet elegant color is very aesthetically pleasing and even makes the room look more spacious.

  1. Go for a triple sheet

The secret to making your bed look a hotel bed is using high thread sheets, sheets with a thread count of three-hundred are usually used these sheets are made of Egyptian cotton. Instead of one throw in three sheets to give your bed, that added look of comfort just like a hotel bed.

Using three sheets gives your bed that plush effect. The three types of sheets are there so you are always touching a sheet. It greatly enhances your sleep experience in your hotel like bed.

  1. Overdo the pillows

Perhaps the most important part of the bed is pillows and hotel beds have several of these. It doesn’t matter if you only need one pillow, want to make your bed like a hotel bed? Throw in lots of pillows. These pillows give a very comfortable and luxurious effect to the bed. Having at least three soft pillows on your bed is a must to give that extra plushy effect. However do not over do the trick, too many pillows look messy and unorganized.

  1. Consider a featherbed

The featherbed also knew as the bag of marshmallows is the best option for anyone looking for an accessory to make their bed extra soft. The featherbed makes your bed as soft as a cloud just put it on top of your mattress and have a luxurious nap in your very own hotel bed.

  1. Add a lamp to the side table

Having a dim lamp on the side table will make your bed a cozy and comfy reading place. A soft tones light will add to the comfort and the aesthetic of your bed.

  1. Add blankets and throws

Adding blankets will further increase the warm and volume of your bed. Invest in a soft and warm blanket to make your bed looks extra luxurious.

  1. Consider a headboard

A padded or tufted headboard will make sitting up in bed easier. This will not only add to the comfort of your bed but it will also make for a great reading. Adding a headboard is very easy you can even do it yourself

  1. Find a quality comforter

Another great trick to make your bed like a hotel room bed is to get a very soft and comfortable comforter. Be sure to invest in a good quality product which lasts for long. A soft and comfy comforter is the perfect addition to your bed for a cozy yet warm effect. A good comforter is basically weightless and very easy to use.

  1. Relax Wrinkles With Misted Water.

Get rid of those wrinkled sheets and make your bed look as smooth and silky as a hotel room bed. All you have to do is spray a bottle full of plain water on the sheets. First, spray the liquid evenly across your duvet cover on your almost-made bed make sure the corners are sticking out. Then shake the top layer until you can see the creases start to settle.

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