When Do You Need An Emergency Plumber

When Do You Need An Emergency Plumber

We often tend to take it upon ourselves to solve our plumbing issues, with a drain cleaner solution and a plunger. What we don’t realize is that sometimes we can use a little help! Here are a few cases where you need to call an emergency plumber right away.

Drainage becomes slow

Sometimes, you would be doing the dishes peacefully, lost in pleasant daydreams, and then all of a sudden you will notice that the sink is full of water that hasn’t drained. This sign means your drain is clogged. In the kitchen, the things that cause a clog are usually insoluble like food pieces or grease.

These things keep hardening, and gradually, end up clogging the sink. In the bathroom, the hair that goes down the drain might be responsible for clogging it. If you notice that the water is taking too long to drain, make sure you call a plumber without giving it a second thought!

Bad odours

Trust me, it is a very unpleasant experience to have an ugly scent coming from somewhere inside the house, but you don’t really know where. The scent grows stronger when you approach a sink in the bathroom or the kitchen. What does that mean? Definitely not good.

I bet we have all experienced that. What do you think is better? Grabbing a plunger, working in the smell for hours with no gain, or just calling a plumber to solve all your problems for you without even charging you a lot? I am sure the latter!


As I have mentioned earlier, it is never a pleasant experience to have to clean your own drain. It is too unpleasant and unnecessary. Not to mention, totally avoidable. One of the reasons this stench, other than a clog, is backflow.

Backflow means when the flow of water changes and water reverses up to the drain. It happens when the valve does not close the water that is drained. If you decide to get a professional plumber, he will fix it right up!

Less water pressure

When you turn your faucet on, and the water is not flowing as it should, you must be faced with this problem. This would usually mean that there is some blockage in the pipes.

Now, as most of the pipes are either underwater or behind walls, it cannot be fixed easily, except with the help of a plumber! When you encounter such a case, make sure you call a plumber right away.

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