Various Types of Pool Designs

Various Types of Pool Designs

If you want to get a pool, you will be confused about what type suits your needs. When you step into the open market, there are so many pools designs out there.

So many that you are sure to get confused as to what to buy. So here is a bunch of pool design ideas that you must consider to get started.

In-the ground recreational pool

This is the traditional type of pool that is there in the backyards. The average cost to install them is $44,535. They are available in all kinds of shapes.  It also offers enough room for people to relax in.


  • Offers much space
  • Lasts a lot longer than other pool designs


  • You need to have a big yard if you have to install it
  • requires more maintenance
  • expensive

Above ground pool

This kind of pool will save you the cost of building, as they are not built inside the ground, but above the ground. The average cost of installing it is just $1,653.

Normally, you can install it yourself. You can buy one and then assemble the parts without the need for professional help.

A ladder or a deck can be built around the pool to make it accessible.


  • It is a lot cheaper than the in-the-ground one
  • Doesn’t require much maintenance
  • You can remove it if you want


  • It is typically very small
  • You would have to assemble it yourself

Lap pools

These are the kind of pools that are meant specifically for exercise. The cost of installation for them is $63,000.

They are made so that there is enough space for you to swim laps without hitting the sides. They are great if your sole purpose is exercising.


  • They allow you to exercise like a professional
  • They have a unique shape, so you may install it where a traditional pool may not fit.


  • Pool parties are a big no-no in this
  • No resale value.
  • It costs a lot

Plunge pool

This is the pool design for you if you want a pool in a limited space. And if you don’t have to do many activities there, except cool off. The average cost of installation for this one is $17,500. They are easy to get if you have a limited budget.


  • Less water is required
  • Little maintenance
  • Saves space


  • You cannot swim laps in it
  • Not much room
  • Pool parties can’t happen in here

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