Buying A Vacation Property In Belize

Vacation Property In Belize

For those looking to buy their private strip of the beach so that they can enjoy themselves every once in a while, the Caribbean is undoubtedly one of the best locations to invest in thanks largely to its geography and climate.

Too bad this fact is acknowledged by almost everyone, which means the Caribbean is also one of the most crowded summer vacation destinations, making getting a private property that much harder and costly.

However, it would seem that we’re not out of luck just yet; the island of Ambergris Caye in Belize is open for real estate.

A prime beach vacation location

The Caribbean Islands are best known for their breath-taking sunsets and white, unpolluted beaches, and the Ambergris Caye has some of the best of these beaches and sunsets to offer.

Situated in the tropics, the island hosts great weather all year round (perfect for those who like to take vacations in the off seasons) and is safe from harsh weather conditions since it lies quite a ways outside the Hurricane belt that troubles much of coastal Central America.

However, the icing on the cake is the fact that much of the Ambergris Caye western coast is still unclaimed, a fact which many of us can take advantage of and buy relatively private locations along the beach.

Because why wouldn’t you want your vacation home to be on a private strip of beach, free from the noise and peering eyes of strangers in the area.

More reasons to invest

There are a few financial benefits of buying land at Ambergris Caye. A great motivator is the comparatively cheap rates the land is currently being sold at, making it one of the most affordable vacation lands available in the world (that are worth every buck you spend getting them, that is).

The process of purchasing the property is also far less of a hassle than you’d imagine and for those always looking to save a buck, you’d save quite a lot on taxes both when buying and maintaining the property. The taxation process is so simple and inexpensive that it may even prove to be an efficient tax-evasion strategy by buying property out on the Ambergris Caye coast.

Of course, you’d want to get this looked over by your lawyer, and we encourage that you do, but we’re confident you’d come to the same conclusion we did: buying land on the Ambergris Caye island is a great investment through and through.

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