SelfieHitch – Trailer Hitch Alignment Device

Selfie Hitch

Hitching the truck can be quite frustrating at times as getting the perfect alignment isn’t easy. It not only wastes precious time but could significantly reduce productivity as well.

Although back view cameras help in the hitching process, but they don’t ensure the perfect alignment every time.

Furthermore, the truck driver needs to be quite adept with using the camera. Therefore, there is a need for a device that could solve these issues and help the proud pick-up truck owners.

Why SelfieHitch?

SelfieHitch is a solution for perfect trailer hitch alignment. It is not only durable but works every time it is deployed. It’s an innovative alignment system and the only one that would stop your vehicle once the ball and coupler align of the trailer and the truck.

You don’t need any partner with you to help you navigate while hitching the trailer. By simply using the SelfieHitch, you can get the job done more quickly and efficiently.

Features of SelfieHitch

Although many other such devices are available in the market, however, why does this particular trailer hitch alignment device works? A few of its features have been listed below to clarify this.

Proper Guiding Line

The device helps the driver by providing a proper guideline which can be seen through the side mirror. The side mirror is one view which never gets blocked in any case of hitching scenario; therefore, for maximum performance, the guideline is placed in such a manner.

Stops the Vehicle

This patented technology has one crystal clear advantage; it stops the vehicle. The back-view camera can only guide the driver but cannot stop your vehicle.

SelfieHitch is a holistic solution which stops your vehicle at the appropriate place, so the ball and coupler are always aligned. Beginners can also easily use this device without any training.

Multiple Angles of Hitching

Truck drivers face difficulty hitching at certain angles due to low visibility. However, it won’t be the case with SelfieHitch. It’s designed keeping in consideration all factors, so it’s accurate at every angle.

Other Applications

You can use the SelfieHitch to get close to docks or anything without scratching the bumper of your vehicle. It not only makes hitching easier but is a safeguard for you and your vehicle’s safety as well.

Therefore, if you own a vehicle and have been frustrated with the constant scratching of the bumper or the nuisance of hitching, SelfieHitch is the product for you.

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