SpaceX Expanding Into Satellite Services

SpaceX is known for two things. Its’ high profile founder and pioneer of electrical cars Elon Musk, and for being the first company to launch the beginnings of the space tourism industry. However, SpaceX isn’t just limited to the world of spacecraft’s.

It is also rapidly become a major player in the world of satellite communication technologies. And, from the looks of it may become one of the best satellite TV providers in the world as well as a major provider of satellite Internet services. SpaceX just kicked this part of their business into high gear with the launch of Flacon 9 and the EchoStar 23 satellite.

The launch happened on Thursday morning March 17th 2017 at 2 A.M from the Kennedy Space Center near Orlando Florida. The launch happened from pad 39A, the same place NASA launched its famous Apollo missions.

The launch was actually scheduled to happen earlier in the week, but those plans had to due to weather conditions. The Falcon 9 took along with it EchoStar 23 communication satellite, a 12,000 pound communication satellite that is SpaceX’s biggest payload it has ever successfully launched.

As SpaceX looks to expand its launching capabilities and become a leader in space travel, it needs more ways to generate profit and revenues to fund its ambitious missions. NASA was, of course, funded by taxpayers, but companies like SpaceX need to find new avenues for funding.

Because of the high cost of space travel this can be especially challenging. There are also a significant amounts of development that must be accomplished before SpaceX can enter the next phases for its business.

On top of all that there is also high costs for scientific research that must be completed before new launces can even be developed. Lastly, there will be money that gets lost during the failed launches and missions that inevitably occur.

What that means for SpaceX is that they must maximize their revenue streams in any way they can. This means charging other companies to include their cargo in their high profile launces.

This serves two benefits for SpaceX: it helps fund their missions and also tests the physical capabilities of their rockets and launch capacities. Being a high tech courier isn’t the only way SpaceX will increase its revenues.

The other way is to enter the field of consumer satellite Internet services. SpaceX hopes to become a major player in this industry, and hopes to have this industry be a major source of profit as it develops its space travel programs.

After all, space tourism will take some time to become a viable profit maker, but high demands for Internet is here right now.

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