7 Myths About Roof Coatings

Myths About Roof Coatings

Roof coatings are a tricky affair and there are many myths relating it which may confuse people. If you are someone trying to educate yourself about roof coating do not believe these seven roof coating myths.

  1. Coatings don’t work

The first myth is that roof coatings don’t work. Roof coatings certainly work sometimes they may even end up working better than the original roof. Whether a roof coating works or on depends on how it is installed.

If a roof coating is installed properly it will definitely work. Many manufacturers offer extended warranties for up to 20 years which shows that roof coatings do work very well.

  1. A new roof is disruptive

Another false concept is that a new roof is disruptive. This is untrue because most Fluid-applied roof systems are generally applied with little or no noise.

The application process is very smooth in comparison to replacement which involves tearing off the old roof. The application process has become even more advanced thanks to the introduction of new mechanical carts which make almost no noise.

  1. Anyone can install a coating

Another myth that is very widely believed is that anyone can install a coating. This is very wrong as you need certain licensing to be able to install a coating system. A contractor needs an approval before hand so they can install their a coating system.

A contractor must be certified and they are required to get a labor and material warranty, which is provided by the manufacturer. Installing a roof coating is not a casual task it is wrong to think that anyone can do it. It is a process which has some requirements and only people that are licensed for the job can do it.

  1. No maintenance required

This is another false story. Rood coatings do need maintenance. In fact, companies send over managers every two years or so to check the condition of the roof coating. Roof coatings to require maintenance so they can last for a long time.

  1. Warranty does not matter

This is also untrue. When it comes to roof coating warranties are very important they ensure that your roof coating lasts as long as possible. A warranty is an assurance from a company that they will be responsible if your roof coating does not last for as long as it should.

It is very important that you get an extended warranty so you do not have to worry about repairs is your roof coating gets damaged. An extended warranty will help you avoid repair costs in case of any damages.

  1. Waterproofs the Tiles

Another great myth surrounding roof coating is that they waterproof tiles. This is untrue as tiles are already waterproof that is if they are not broken. Tiles are waterproof anyway and will only leak if they break. Roof coating is not very helpful in this regard because of the high cost of roof coating.

  1. A Roof Coating Will Prevent Moss Growth on the Tiles

Many roof coating companies convince people that roof coating will prevent moss growth on tiles. This may be true but the moss killers or chemicals last for a very short time hardly only two to three years. They are washed off by rain. Do not get scammed by such claims.

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