6 Materials to Never Use in Your Kitchen

Materials to Never Use in Kitchen

Choosing the material for your final home finishing is a very important yet confusing task. Especially the kitchen, choosing material for the kitchen can be very difficult as most people are not experts on what is good and what isn’t. This article is your ultimate guide to what you shouldn’t use in your kitchen.

  1. Plastic Laminate Counters:

There are a lot of choices when it comes to laminate. However what you must avoid at all costs is the entry-level plastic laminate. The reasons for not using this in your kitchen are endless. The first and most important reason being they look thin and dull instead of giving the richly textured look.

If you are someone who can compromise on the look it is still something you should avoid. Not only does it look bad it also scratches very easily which exposes the material underneath it. If this material gets wet the edges will start to chip off.

  1. Flat Paint:

Although flat paint looks beautiful it is not kitchen friendly. The main issue with flat paint is that of durability. The paint itself is very unstable and not at all suitable for rough use. The paint will come off if you try to wipe off a stain which is not at all what you want in a kitchen.

Paint in your kitchen should be durable and long lasting so even if the walls are washed the paint looks untouched. This is why high-gloss and semi-gloss paints are better suited for kitchen walls.

  1. Trendy Backsplash Materials:

What you should avoid in your kitchen is following bold or extra color and pattern trends. They may look great when the trend is new but just as the trend dies your kitchen will start to look distasteful and overdone. You should go for tiles and materials that go well with your color scheme. Do not go for flashy materials your kitchen is a work place and it should be comfortable.

  1. High-Gloss Lacquered Cabinets:

Not only do high-gloss lacquered cabinets look tacky, they are also very expensive. You need to apply around 20 layers of lacquer on a cabinet for the high-gloss look. The worst part is they the lacquer has no durability. Yes, it will be removed with just a scratch and the repair is very costly as you have to do the whole cabinet all over again.

  1. Some Laminated Cabinet Fronts:

Holloway suggests staying away from lower-end Thermo-foil cabinet fronts. Thermofoil is vinyl, which is heated and molded around fiberboard. There are many problems with cheap Thermo-foil. The first and major issue is that it is not heat resistant it would easily delaminate near any heat source like a dishwasher or oven.

Another great problem is that it is very low quality it will yellow with age which will ruin the look of your kitchen. Last but not least the wood used underneath the Thermo-foil is very bad quality. These are some of the reasons you should avoid laminate cabinets in your kitchen.

  1. Inexpensive Sheet Vinyl Flooring:

The quality of your floor is very important. Which is why you should avoid cheap vinyl flooring at all costs. Your floor is something that is used all day so a cheap material is not likely to last for even a decent amount of time. Cheap vinyl flooring is thin and not only looks bad but is also very low quality.

The biggest problem with cheap vinyl flooring is that if it is glued bubbles will start to form on the floor in case water seeps inside it. Kitchen floors are very important and it is crucial that you choose decent quality tiles.

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