How to Make Your Roof More Environmentally Friendly

Make Roof Environmentally Friendly

Planning on getting your roof reinstalled? Go green this time. When installing a roof being eco-friendly is perhaps the last thing on our mind. But there are some techniques which you can use to make your roof last longer while being eco-friendly at the same time. Here are some ways to make your roof more environmentally friendly.

Repair not replace

Although it may not seem like the best option and roofing contractors will be strictly against this. You can always repair damaged parts of your roof instead of replacing the whole thing. This is much more sustainable and cost effective. Think of all the shingles that will go into a landfill if you replace your roof.

Repairing damaged parts of your roof can help make it last for a long time it will help prevent having to replace the entire roof. Another great way is to cover your old roof; this will provide an extra layer. The extra layer will provide added insulation and protection causing no waste to go to landfill.

This is a very sustainable method as compared to replacing the entire roof which produces a large heap of waste which then goes into landfills.

Use Recycled Shingles

Another great way to make your roof environmentally friendly is to use recycled shingles. Recycling not only prevents landfills it also helps save material and uses it in a sustainable manner. When you make use of shingles made of recycled materials you are preventing the extraction of new material.

This is a very sustainable method as you will be using material made of recycled stuff. This helps reduce landfill it is also very cost effective. Shingles made of recycled materials look great and work just as good.

Install metal roofing

One of the best and most environmentally friendly roofing options is metal roofing. Not only is it durable and lasts for a very long time it is also very environmentally friendly. Metal roofs are made of metals which are can easily be recycled meaning if you need to replace your roof the metal roof will be recycled and there will be zero landfills.

You can pick out a roof made of recycled metal which is even more sustainable. Metals are very durable and they are also weather resistant they do not get damaged easily. This is why they last for a long time you will never need to replace your roof. As compared to shingles metal roofs are much better options when it comes to sustainability.

Maintaining your roof

This may not seem like a very effective technique but it is in fact very useful. Properly maintain your roof and taking care of it is also eco-friendly. Properly maintain the roof reduces wear and tear greatly which in turn increases the life time of your roof.

When your roof is properly maintained it will last a long time. You are preventing a lot of waste from going into landfill as your roof will not need replacement.

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