Latest Kitchen Trends

Latest Kitchen Trends

Thinking of remodeling your kitchen and wondering what’s new and fashionable in the kitchen department? Well, not to worry because we’ve got all the top kitchen design trends right here. Take a look:

1 – Smart Kitchens

Of course, technology has found its way into our kitchens; with the rate at which it was permeating into every other sphere of life, this was just inevitable.

From smart coffee machines that can prepare our coffee at the exact moment we wake up, fridges that can automatically scan their contents and prepare a list for groceries to even smart lighting solutions controlled by our smartphones, all of these technologies are extremely useful and are trending in kitchens today.

2 – Kitchen Islands

Instead of having a counter bordering the walls of a kitchen as was previously the case, many people are now opting to install multifunctional kitchen islands, the kind that can be used interchangeably as a dining table or a counter for preparing food. Stylish yet practical, the kitchen island’s popularity is more than justified.

3 – Hardwood and tile flooring

While there has always been a debate about whether tile flooring is better than hardwood or not, for 2019, at least it seems that hardwood flooring has the vote of the masses.

But to be fair, the fans of tile flooring aren’t too few either, so getting either counts a win in our kitchen remodeling blog.

4 – Simplicity in design

Move over gaudy finishes on cabinets and counters, simplicity and streamlined designs are what’s in fashion now. The focus this year is to make kitchen designs more elegant by doing away with all superfluous decorations and just opting for a cleaner and sleeker look.

A bolder move taken in this regard is to remove the top cupboard cabinets in favor of more headspace to work in and giving the kitchen a more spacious feel. But how do you make up for the storage space lost? Well…

5 – Better storage solutions

Designers and homeowners alike are pushing for more efficient storage solutions than the traditional cabinet and drawer system.

For this reason, things like drawer dividers, pull outs for spices, roll out trays and caddies are rising in popularity, which helps make better use of the awkward amount of space a cabinet generally provides. And speaking of cabinets…

6 – Dark colored cabinets

Sick of the white cabinet theme? Everyone else is. This year it’s all about having darker colored cabinets, ones that contrast beautifully to the plain and simple background of your kitchen.

This bolder color scheme has shaken up our kitchen design language, and so far we love it.

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