How To Build An Outdoor Kitchen

How To Build An Outdoor Kitchen

An outdoor kitchen can be a fun and convenient addition to your house for when you’re throwing parties or frequently in the mood for cooking and eating out in the fresh air.

A well-built one can even raise the value of your house, fetching you a nifty sum if you’re planning to sell. Interested in building an outdoor kitchen yourself? Here’s the skinny on how to go about building one:

Step 1 – Planning

This is one project you DO NOT want to go in without planning out every little detail. Figure out what kind of outdoor kitchen you’re looking for, the utilities it needs to have if you need any permits for plumbing or electrical work, and of course, how much you’re willing to spend.

Only after all of these things have been addressed are you ready to start building your outdoor kitchen.

Step 2 – Gathering the materials

Based on the design and layout of the kitchen you’re looking for, you’ll need to gather all the needed materials before you can start working on it. Pro tip though: don’t start the project unless you have all the materials you’d need readily available, especially when it comes to tools.

It’s very easy to leave a project unfinished because you don’t have the right equipment, only to never again bother with it out of laziness.

Step 3 – Building the kitchen itself

If you need help, get help. Convincing yourself that you can build the kitchen on our own when you don’t know the first thing about home construction is only going to waste your time and resources, not to mention put you in harm’s way if you’re using dangerous tools like a power saw.

Learn to accept when something is out of your league and call in a professional who can do the job for you.

For the rest of you who do know your way around the tools, here’s a helpful list of steps anyone can take to get the job done:

  • Construct the base frame out of plywood
  • Cover the frame with plywood panels
  • Cover the panels with felt and then wire lath
  • Build cabinet boxes
  • Apply a scratch coat of mortar and score after an hour
  • Install cabinet boxes
  • Layer the outside with stone or veneer
  • Install the countertop

Step 4 – Final touches

The final step is to make your outdoor kitchen look appealing while at the same time being extremely resourceful. We’ll leave the decorations up to you, but we recommend adding a grill and a sink to get the most out of your outdoor kitchen space.

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