Hardwood Decking Do’s And Dont’s

Hardwood Decking

Decks add up a lot of style, elegance, and beauty to your living space and standard; decks are also known for increasing your house’s resale value. In fact, sometimes people have a requirement of having a deck in the house when buying it.

Decks are the perfect spot for spending your long and sunny summertime vacations or winter evenings whether you are enjoying them with your friends or just relaxation alongside your family.

Surfing the internet, you’re likely to find whole lots of methods to construct a deck. Although there’s a very little chance to run into any discomfort with hardwood lumber, it’s always vulnerable to nature whatsoever.

Hence you need to make sure you don’t leave any loose ends. For that purpose, let’s look at some dos and don’ts to help you avoid any risk.


  1. Cover the top only of the wood decking or siding with a sheet of plywood, OSB or wood scraps.
  2. Check the climate conditions and weather forecasts before digging footers.
  3. Make time for yearly or after every two years (max) for the sealing of your deck, if you want it to be long-lasting.
  4. Sand your deck a little before sealing, but keep in mind not to over-sand it as it will become a problem in the future.
  5. Be really careful when you are washing your deck as power washing can damage wood and stone surfaces.


  1. To clean your deck or patio, don’t use chlorine or bleach, it can result in damaging or alter the color of the deck.
  2. Don’t use wood with excessive insect holes as they are a subject to splitting and rotting more than the plain ones.
  3. Don’t use just any other deck fastener you find in the market or recommended by a neighbor; it can come down to making a difference in the longevity of the deck.
  4. Removing concrete imperfections will only add up to your tight schedule, don’t waste time worrying about them as they are an acceptable industry standard.
  5. Don’t forget to add up the estimated cost. It can be frustrating to stop your deck building just because you had the wrong estimate and have run out of money now.


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