8 Different Types of Stairs, Explained

Different Types of Stairs

Stairs are a very important part of any house. They are not only very important structural components that serve a purpose but also a very important part of the overall look of the house. There are many types of stairs, each type serves the same purpose but they all look quite different. Here are eight types of stairs, explained.

  1. Straight

This is perhaps the most basic types of stairs that you see most often. These stairs are present in almost every home. Straight stairs are simply a straight flight of stairs that ascend to the top.

  1. Spiral Stairs

This is a slightly more advanced type of stairs. These types of stairs collectively form a spiral type structure. They are individual stairs connecting to a center column. This type of stairs is very compact and ideal for small spaces.

If you need to add a staircase but don’t have much room spiral stairs are the best choice as they take up very less space. spiral stairs look very stylish and are great for indoors you can have them in your living room.

As these stairs are very compact there is not much room on the individual stairs, only one person can safely climb at a time. These stairs are not good for use in busy areas or areas with more people.

  1. Bifurcated stairs

This type of stairs is a rather wide staircase. The stairs are arranged in such a manner that there is enough space for four to five people to climb at the same time. This type of stairs is mainly used for public buildings or residential buildings.

The stair case is ideal for use in these places as it has a lot of space and it, in turn, takes up a lot of space which is why they can’t be used at homes. These stairs are divided into two different directions at the mid-landing.

  1. L-shaped stairs

These stairs are very similar to straight stairs but with a twist. These type of stairs turn at 90 degrees with the help of level landing. This type of stairs are very rarely seen in houses but they are very common in residential buildings.

  1. Circular stairs

This type of stairs is very similar to spiral stairs but just bit different. Circular stairs are usually found on the backside of buildings so people can reach various levels of the buildings. These stairs exist in winder like form. They form a circular shape and can be compact as well as widely spread.

  1. Curved stairs

This is a unique type of stairs the curved stairs start of as a rather straight fight but then the stairs start to curve or form a circular shape. This type of stairs has no landing. These stairs make a stunning architectural statement. Curved stairs are mostly found in large hotel lobbies or halls.

  1. Ladder

This is a very compact type is stairs it is a rather steep version of straight stairs. The ladder stairs look very much like a ladder. This type of stairs is perfect for small homes with very less space.

  1. Winder

These stairs are very similar to L-shaped stairs the only difference is that Instead of the 90 degrees turn there is a large step which is they are wide from one side and narrow from the other.

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