8 Home Decor Tricks to Brighten a Dark Room

Decor Tricks to a Dark Room

One can not stress enough on how important well lit rooms are. A bright room makes you more productive, makes you feel energized and even brightens up your mood. But sometimes a room looks dark and gloomy even with the lights on. Here are a few tricks to brighten up your room.

  1. Go all white

Yes! The key to brightening your room is painting the walls and even the ceiling white. Not only is the color helpful itself it even helps scatter as much light as possible. We studied in primary school that white surfaces are reflected, the mechanism is that simple.

The white walls and ceiling will further enhance your lighting by reflecting it. White color does not absorb any light so all the light will be reflected and your room will be brighter.

  1. Less is more

Ever heard of the phrase ‘less is more’ follow it. Rooms that are overstuffed with furniture and other decorative pieces, not only look small but also comparatively darker. The more furniture there is the darker your room will look thanks to all the shadows that are being formed.

Go for simple furniture and just one or two signature decorative pieces. This will make your room look spacious and it will also significantly decrease the shadows making your room brighter

  1. Lighten Lampshades

Lampshades are a very useful room accessory they not only add to the aesthetic but also help to diffuse light. However, it is important that you choose your lamp shades wisely. For a dark room avoid using opaque lampshade even if they are a light color. The trick is to use a light material so light can filter through brightening up your room.

  1. Curtains matter

If you have a dark room it’s highly likely your curtains are the problem. As important as window coverings are they should be chosen very wisely. Heavy drapes and extravagant curtains block all the light from your room making it look dark. The trick is to go for simple yet elegant window coverings in light shades of color. Roman shades are a great option.

  1. Choose Your Wall Color Wisely

While white color is very helpful another great trick is to go for a deeply saturated mid-tone paint, this will not only give color to your room. The color will absorb shadows and make the room look brighter. This color choice is for rooms that have very dim lighting.

  1. Add Mirrors

It’s no mystery that mirrors are reflective surfaces. Adding a large mirror to your room will instantly brighten up your room thanks to its reflective property. The light will be reflected by the mirror and will spread across the room making it brighter.

  1. Bedding and Accessories Should Add Contrast

When a room is dimly lit all your furniture and decorative pieces will seem like mere shadows. The trick is to go for light colored furniture maybe even go for an all white there. The light colored furniture will not disappear in the gloominess. This furniture will help brighten up the room.

  1. Brighten up your flooring

The quickest way to fix dark flooring is to cover it up with a light colored rug. A bright flooring just adds up to the overall effect of the room and makes it look brighter there are many ways to brighten up your flooring like getting a concrete floor, using tiles or painting the floor.

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