Creative Balloon Logo Designs

Creative Balloon Logo Designs

Balloons are an easy and foolproof way to beautify almost every event. If you’re looking to add energy to a venue, be it a birthday party or a promotion, then balloons are a definite way you can put on a smile on that someone-specials’ face.

In this segment, we’ll go over a few clever ways you can use balloons as a background prop. Some of these ideas are standalone, whereas others can be used in conjunction with others.

  • Balloon chandelier

A balloon chandelier is an assortment of balloons that float over a table. If you want to add some extra touch, you can attach personal photographs at the loose end so that whoever sits on the table can see photos right in front of them. The general rule to abide by is to choose light color balloons so that light can be dispersed evenly and clearly.

  • Balloon wands

This is applicable for parties for children. Attach a balloon, with glitter inside, at the end of a small wand. You can add additional touches if required. This is an awesome way to keep young children entertained with their magical balloon wand!

  • Flavor bags!

You can tie different color balloons at the end of flavor bags so that people can choose a bag which has their favorite balloon on top of it. Furthermore, you can even make it better by choosing to customize the balloons so that each individual knows which flavor bag is meant for them.

  • Balloon backdrops

If you have customized balloons with a logo for restaurants and hotel chains, then using them as backdrops for particular settings and scenarios is arguably the best way to go about decorating the place. Ensure that the logo is visible and don’t hesitate to hand one out to passing children!

  • Make an arch

Nothing brings more elegance and gentleness in a setting more than the presence of a well-made and well-customized balloon arch. Furthermore, they are so famous that some people chose to have them customized for their wedding ceremonies.

  • Balloon confetti

This is a foolproof way if you want to plan for the worst. If popping balloons annoys you, then you can fill them with confetti and at least have the privilege of enjoying the process. Some balloons are meant to be popped sooner or later. Why not have some fun in the process?

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