The Carpet and Rug Cleaning industry Trends and Facts

Carpet and Rug Cleaning industry

In today’s world, looking at your best sets the motion for a healthy day ahead. Naturally, this extends to making sure your house also looks perfect, especially from the inside. Interior decorating is a serious business, and making the inside of your house look good is crucial.

Not only does it invite rewarding compliments from guests but it adds a touch of personality to your surroundings. After a long day at work, there is nothing better than to be greeted by an environment that suits your style and lets you be at ease. Safe to say, cleaning and styling your house is crucial for your sake.

On that note, rugs and carpets make an exciting impact on the aesthetic of a house. They occupy a significant proportion of the house and catch the attention of the eye very quickly.

As a result, they require regular cleaning and maintaining to look their best and feel smooth. They also tend to last longer when cleaned. Below we take a look at some interesting facts and ongoing trends related to the carpet cleaning industry.

Interesting Facts

In the U.S, the carpet cleaning industry is not regulated. There is voluntary work with firms and organizations such as the International Institute for Cleaning and Restoration which are to be certified in the best practices of the industry. Although there is not much regulation in the industry, carpet cleaners must have a warranty to prove their artistry.

Annually, the carpet industry generates a significant revenue of $ 5 Billion in the U.S alone. Additionally, the carpet cleaning industry is considered part of other general cleaning services such as janitorial services. Carpet cleaning makes up about 10% of the revenue for cleaning services.

More than 43 million tons of dust falls over the U.S. each year, two-thirds of which is received by indoor air. Such an amount of dust allows for up to 2,000 dust mites to live on just one ounce of carpet dust.

Current Trends and Analysis

Rug cleaning NYC is on the rise, as is the rest of the world. This is due to many general cleaning companies taking carpet cleaning as their primary focus, generating more revenue than ever.

Speaking entirely in general, however, the carpet cleaning industry is on the rise to meet even higher revenue goals and growth opportunities. The expectation is that these trends will continue to grow.

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