Why Has My Thermostat Screen Gone Blank?

blank thermostat display

The temperature regulator or thermostat is an urgent piece of your home’s Heat Ventilation and Air Conditioning system. The heating system as well as the air conditioning system cannot be controlled without it.

One day you walk towards your thermostat to either change the temperature or make some adjustments, but you notice that your thermostat screen is completely blank. In such a scenario, you might have a problem at your hands that have to be addressed.

As we move forward with the article, we will be discussing some of the most common causes which can result is Blank Display on Thermostat Problem – Screen Disappeared.

Tripped Circuit Breaker 

Most of the thermostats available now are programmable thermostats with wireless functionality. These are connected to the main electrical system of the residence. It is really important for the homeowner to know and understand how to turn off and turn on the entire HVAC system.

They should also know about the placement of the electrical box. If the circuit breaker inside the electrical box is tripped, it can result in a blank screen on a thermostat. Once the homeowner locates the electric box and the breaker, he can simply flip the switch to restore the functionality of the thermostat.

Dead Batteries 

If the thermostat is not connected to the main electrical system of the house, then it might be running on batteries. A homeowner should check the batteries of their thermostat if the screen has gone blank.

Either the batteries are about to die or already dead. Replacing the batteries can bring back the thermostat to life. Moreover, make it a habit to replace batteries every 2 to 3 years.

Tripped Safety Switch

In many residences, the Air conditioning system or Heating furnace has safety sensors that are connected to the central thermostat. In certain cases, a problem or an issue can be detected by these sensors such as very high running temperatures or moisture.

In such a case, these sensors can trigger the safety switches and entirely turn off the thermostat. If your safety switch is triggered, resulting in a blank thermostat screen, then the homeowner should contact the specialists. These situations can be serious and may require a complete diagnosis from the specialist. But in most cases, these safety sensors simply get wrong readings and trigger the safety switch. In this scenario, resetting the safety switch will do the trick.

Loose Connections or wiring problems

A thermostat can have many connections including connectivity to heating systems, cooling systems, ventilating systems and connectivity to a central electrical box. A blank screen on the thermostat can be a result of loose connections or any wiring problems.

Until and unless you have a strong understanding of electrical circuitry and electrical connections, you should not try to resolve this issue yourself. Some of the connections might be loose, or wiring problems and you would need the help of a specialist.

Malfunctioning Thermostat 

In case none of the scenarios are true for you then probably your thermostat is malfunctioning, and it needs to be replaced now. The average lifespan of a thermostat is approximately ten years. In this case, you would need the expertise of a professional to determine whether your thermostat has malfunctioned or not.


A blank screen on thermostat means you have no control over your heating or cooling system. This can be troublesome and also there can be irregularities in your cooling or heating temperatures of the residence.

Assess the problem based on the criteria defined above. If you are not able to pinpoint on the issue, then you should contact your local or nearest HVAC specialist for the resolution of the issue.

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