Best Home Inspectors

Best Home Inspectors

The buying of a house is likely one of the biggest decisions you will ever make. At the same time, this decision requires a huge sum of investment.

You ought to learn as much as you can about the physical condition of the house and the requirement for any significant repairs before purchasing the house. This will help you in minimizing the difficulties and any issue that you might face post-purchase.

The objective of the home inspection is to check every nook and cranny of the house for any possible issues or repairs. It is just like a doctor, thoroughly examining the patient.

In this case, the patient is the house. The house inspection can either be done by the seller to get the maximum value for his house or by the purchaser as it will help him a great deal in making a decision.

Best Home Inspectors

The ultimate objective of a home inspector is to provide an honest opinion on the condition of the house and will intimate about any of the repairs that a house might need. These home inspectors are certified by American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI).

These home inspectors have successfully passed the National Home Inspector Examination as well as passed the module related to ASHI’s Standards and Ethics. Their inspection reports are compliant with the standards of practices that are the core values of ASHI.

The tampa home inspector that is ASHI certified are the ones who have performed at least 75 validated home inspection that either meet or exceed the standard practices set by ASHI.

Standard Practices of ASHI

The following standard practices are followed by ASHI certified home inspectors.

  1. Complete inspection of roof including the material, drainage system on the roof, a complete inspection of skylight and chimneys including any signs of roof penetrations.
  2. A complete inspection of Structure. It includes the foundations, flooring, framing, walls, and ceiling including any attics or crawls spaces under the floors.
  3. A complete inspection of all electrical wiring, service panels, lights, switches, circuit breakers and all different types of alarms. It also includes the inspection of service grounding.
  4. A complete inspection of plumbing including distribution of water supply, proper water heating equipment, sewage systems, and vent piping.
  5. Last but not the least, the complete inspection of Heating and cooling systems, interiors including cupboards and cabinets, all the insulation and ventilation measures and the exteriors of the house including walkways, patios, steps, and porch.

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