7 Top Trends in Bathroom Design for 2018

Bathroom Design

People now give special attention to bathroom décor as much as any other part of the home. This article is all about latest trends of 2018 to make your bathroom a sight to watch.

1: Small Bathrooms

In 2018, the focus is on small bathroom rather than fanaticized luxury bathrooms we see in films. The attention would be on efficiency, effectiveness, and multi-purpose bathroom fittings with bit small-scale luxury.

2: Glossy Tiles

Although the craze of matte bathroom tiles is going nowhere, glossy tiles are on trend too. The dramatic look which glossy tiles give is surely magical. Also, it makes the bathroom look bigger and spacious.

3: Advanced Hi-Tech Toilet Seats

Have you ever thought of listening to your favorite music while on a toilet seat? Well, start thinking now. The wireless music player who starts on as soon as the toilet lid opens is so much fun. Seat warmers, built-in deodorizers, automatic lid openers are some of the features of hi-tech toilet seats of 2018.

4: Vanity Lightening

An amazing idea inspired by Kitchen and Bath show 2018 is vanity lightening. The vanity lightening would brighten up your bathroom vanity area to increase your bathroom aesthetics visually. You can choose your favorite vanity lightening option among plenty of options available in the market.

5: Graphics Pattern Floor Tiles

The new graphics pattern floor tiles are the perfect accent tiles for your bathroom. It’s entirely up to you to go for soft, subtle colors or bold colors.

6: Go Concrete

Be it polished concrete countertops or concrete soaking tubs; the idea is so fresh and unique. As per the latest trends of Kitchen & bathroom remodeling trade show, it is durable, sophisticated, long-lasting and complements well with wooden or marble floor.

7: Decorate a statement wall of your bathroom

Kitchen and Bath show 2018 has given the most alluring latest trend in designing Bathroom statement wall for 2018. Let’s explore some of them.

  • Add a little stamp: if you are afraid of doing much with colors and decor on a bathroom wall, then experiment with a painted wall with little stamp design. Wall pattern with stamps is now a good fashion to add a lively feel to your bathroom appearance.
  • Mirror wall: decorating a wall with all mirrors will just wow the people. Mirrors and mirrors with different sizes and shapes are enough to bring fantasy to your bathroom.
  • Romantic red: how about going with one red wall with all the white others? It is for sure romantic and lovely.
  • Plants in the bathroom: hang a chain of green potted plants on a yellow painted wall. The combination of yellow with green is evergreen itself. It will not only give a refreshing look but will stun the people.
  • Black beauty: A black glossed statement wall decorated with small frames will look stunning with all white bathrooms. You can also decorate it with some artistic wall art to give it the most luxurious feel one can ever imagine.
  • Classic Design: If you think that decorating statement wall of the bathroom will make you feel un-liking it after some time, then you should go for a classic design that you can never get bored of. Try spiral lines or circle concept with some cute color contrast like light pink and cherry red.

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