How to Avoid 10 Major Decorating Mistakes

Avoid Major Decorating Mistakes

Decorating your house is the best part about owning a house. But sometimes people make certain decorating mistakes which make their house overdone. Here are some mistakes you should avoid making in order to properly decorate your house.

  1. Matching everything

Following a certain color scheme is great but when everything in your room matches the room ends up looking boring. Do not go for a look which looks something straight out of a catalog. It is okay to mix and match. Add a bit of your personal style to the room so it looks like someone lives in it.

  1. Too Many Color Patterns

Going for many different colors or patterns makes your house look too crowded. Using too many different patterns makes the whole décor every confusing and chaotic which does not look good. Be sure to choose colors and patterns wisely. If you have one bold piece in a room make sure to keep the rest of it simple so that one piece can stand out.

  1. Improper Lighting

Lighting is key. It is perhaps the most important part of home décor. However do not go overboard with choosing lights or your home will end up looking like a disco ball. Choosing the type of lighting for a room in accordance with its functionality.

  1. Ugly Couch Covers

To protect couches it is important to cover them up. However, you should be careful not to cover them with ugly plastic covers or any such thing. Choose something presentable to cover your couch with so that the cover does not ruin the entire look of the couch.

  1. Ignoring Windows

Windows are very important they bring light into the room so it is really important that you choose your window coverings carefully. Leaving windows bare gives a very bare look to the room and over doing window covers can block all the light making your house dark and gloomy. Choose a suitable window covering for your window which lets some light pass through and looks presentable at the same time.

  1. Having too many things

Having too many decorative pieces makes your house seem crowded and messy. Less is more go for one or two statement pieces. This will remove all the extra stuff from the room making it look more spacious and elegant.

  1. Not adding a bold piece

Not having any bold piece I the house makes it look boring. Go for one bold piece which serves as the main attraction of the house. It will give a different yet stylish look to the house.

  1. Shopping in just one store

Shopping in one place I am convenient but your entire house will end up looking more or less the same. If you shop at just one place you will miss out on the different variety of stuff available at other places. Look around and search for the best piece before buying a piece of furniture or a decorative piece.

  1. Ignoring scale and proportion

If you avoid scale and proportion and bring in furniture nothing will fit where it supposed to and everything will look out of place making your house look like a mess. Be sure to make measurements and buy furniture that fits in your rooms so everything looks in place.

  1. Neglecting the function of a room

Not considering the function of a room before decorating it is the worst mistake one can make. You can not put a bed or a study table in a living room. Be sure to consider what the room will be used for before decorating it this makes the process easier and so much more efficient.

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