Basic Air Conditioning Troubleshooting

Air Conditioning Troubleshooting

Issues with your central air conditioner? Well, that is a common problem for most of the owners and hell a lot of them don’t know what to regarding that.

The first thing that pops in the mind of an owner is to call the service technician for the ac service but wait. Have you ever wondered what if only the main supply socket is down or maybe just the air filter could be dirty, and you’ll  be paying the air conditioning experts just for nothing?

Worry not peeps, in this article; we will guide you with some central air repair troubleshoot tricks.

  1. Check for dirt in the air filters

A dirty air filter is the most pertinent yet unnoticed problem in the list it can cause some issues like the low volume of air flow from the vents, ice on refrigerant lines, frozen evaporator pipes, etc. The most severe issue it causes is Equipment failure.

Fix to this is simple, have a look at the filters, and in case they are dirty replacing those.

  1. Check the thermostat settings

Thermostat setting issue is a big no-no, but it is. See, children at our houses usually change the thermostat around while they play. So people, please make sure that the thermostat is right where you want it to be, Hot or cold? Just look.

  1. Check the circuit breakers

Let’s say that your AC unit is not turning on. Well, that’s presumably where you should call the ac expert right away, but how about you give this one a try on your own to. Just go the main circuit box and try to check if there is any fuse that is down. Try, and if it stays on then you are good to go, else do call an ac expert this the matter now is out of hand.

  1. Check the outdoor unit

A dirty outdoor unit can also cause the issues, i.e. un-adequate cooling. All you need to do in such a case is use a hose on a gentle setting and try to clear all the dirt. However, if you see a thick layer of dirt covering the condenser, please go ahead and call an ac expert.

As far as the ac expert is concerned, you can call one from Local air conditioning repair in Lexington SC.

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